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Request: gtkhtml3 and libgal2 compatability libs

If possible, I would like to see a fedora developer maintain the FC2 versions of gtkhtml3 and libgal2 packaged in Fedora Stable as compatability libraries for software (such as gnomesword) that has not yet been updated for the newer versions of those libraries.

It would be trivial to do - the library and devel packages do not conflict with the newer versions that FC3T3 has. I'm guessing at most all that needs to be done is changing the package name to compat-name (I suppose even that isn't necessary, how smart is yum and apt-get with respect to different versions of package with same name?)

I suspect there aren't many apps that need them, and they will no doubt be ported to the newer versions, but I would like to see them in Fedora Stable if for nothing else than compatability reasons.

The relative FC2 packages (that I'm requesting) are:


Both of which build and install fine in FC3T3 as is (but the naming might cause update issues, I don't know)

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