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Re: contribute a package

Michael Schwendt <fedora wir-sind-cool org> wrote:
> On Sun, 17 Oct 2004 18:36:10 +0530, arc_of_descent wrote:
> > > Think you should check out fedora.us - as far as i know, everything that
> > > enters core must have been in extras first.
> >
> > Its already in the stable RPM list of Fedora extras.
> > How do I try and get it into the main Fedora?
> General usefulness and importance would need to justify its inclusion
> in case you need to persuade somebody. You would file a bug report
> on component "distribution" and explain why you think the package
> ought to be included in Fedora Core and why it is not enough to keep
> it in Extras.

Thanks. I'll do the needful.
> Btw, it is extremely bad form to not insert your real name in your
> e-mails and use a pseudonym instead. I know some subscribers on these
> list use fake real names. But if you're serious about getting a
> package included, you should not do that.

I don't really see the point here.
Is it like a pre-condition? To point out your real name?
Not the usefulness of the package?

Anyways. I don't want to argue now.


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