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Re: contribute a package

On Sun, 2004-10-17 at 15:53, arc_of_descent wrote:
> Michael Schwendt <fedora wir-sind-cool org> wrote:
> > Btw, it is extremely bad form to not insert your real name in your
> > e-mails and use a pseudonym instead. I know some subscribers on these
> > list use fake real names. But if you're serious about getting a
> > package included, you should not do that.
> > 
> I don't really see the point here.

I'm sure you understand that's easier to trust anybody that tells you
his name, than to trust anybody that hides it.
> Is it like a pre-condition? To point out your real name?

Please read this:

It's not only polite, but also a - short of - pre-condition.

> Not the usefulness of the package?

From a packager prespective is as important the application itself, as
to trust the application's author.

If the packager doesn't know who really is the author, and he hides his
identity behind pseudonyms, the packager should not trust him.

> Anyways. I don't want to argue now.

You're free to do it.

In fact you're arguing "I know It was not ok" using a signature with
your real name in this post, instead of the "arc_of_descent" signature
you used in your previous ones. 

> Rohan
Iago Rubio         
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