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Re: Request: gtkhtml3 and libgal2 compatability libs

On 10/17/2004 08:53:10 AM, Owen Taylor wrote:

And with a program that only works with the older versions, a compatibility library really isn't a solution since you'll be unable to rebuild the package. You'd need a compatibility development environment, which is typically a *lot* of work for a library that hasn't been designed to allow that.

libgal2 and gtkhtml3 do allow that. They are intelligently implemented packages with major version specific header file directories.

They use pkgconfig and the name of the pkgconfig has changed from FC2 to FC3T3.

I built the FC2 packages on my FC3T3 system and installed them, and then had absolutely no problems building the package that doesn't want to build against the slightly newer versions of those packages (first I did try just changing what pkgconfig file configure looks for, but it wants to include a header file that is no longer provided - so until the package I need to have is updated, it really does need the sightly older version of gtkhtml3 and hence libgal2)

So, basically, I don't think we'd consider these additions for Fedora Core. It might be possible to get them into Fedora Extras ...

Fedora Extras is where I think they should be - in the [stable] repository.

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