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Re: Proposal: Rationalizing Fedora Audio


David Mohring <heretic ihug co nz> wrote:

> Even using the ALSA interface, Fedora defaults to sending/receiving
> applications audio direct to the hardware device, hogging the interface.
> By default audio output could go to ALSA or better yet a Dmix plug,
> where the source and destination could be selected and mixed together. 

Maybe I did not understand ALSA fully, but:
IMHO you will need dmix only when your sound hardware is not capable of
hardware mixing (like mine is, for example). If it was, you would not
need (or want, for that matter) to use dmix.

PS: inspired by this posting I tried to set up dmix again for my system
(had tried it during FC2 testing, and was not impressed, crackling occured),
but all seems well now. xine, mplayer, openttd (SDL layer) and bmp all
happily sing along.
The only thing not working are programs that want to use /dev/dspX directly,
but those are few and far between for my uses.

God is my co-pilot, but the Devil is my bombardier.

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