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Re: disable oss in gstreamer-plugins

On Mon, 2004-10-18 at 12:10 +0200, Matias Féliciano wrote:

> I think it's anormal to have OSS support in gstreamer since FC3 (as FC2)
> does not provide OSS drivers. I don't know how gstreamer works and
> perhaps it's a bug in gnome-volume-control/mixer-applet or gstreamer
> that should be fixed. In this case, I only suggested a workaround
> (remove OSS plugin).

Ronald and I talked about this a while ago; my proposed solution is to
have the Alsa OSS compatibility kernel drivers export somehow that they
are simply a shim layer instead of a real device, and for gnome-volume-
control not to display them by default.

Perhaps this could actually be done at the HAL level.

This won't happen for FC3 though, at least not gold.  It might be
possible to backport fixes from GNOME 2.10 and have updated alsa
packages though.

> But I don't think it's good idea to keep OSS plugin only because
> sometimes it works better than alsa plugin.

One alternative instead would be have gnome-volume-control skip OSS
mixers for now.

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