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Re: disable oss in gstreamer-plugins

Le lundi 18 octobre 2004 Ã 14:46 -0400, Colin Walters a Ãcrit :
> On Mon, 2004-10-18 at 12:10 +0200, Matias FÃliciano wrote:
> > But I don't think it's good idea to keep OSS plugin only because
> > sometimes it works better than alsa plugin.
> One alternative instead would be have gnome-volume-control skip OSS
> mixers for now.

gnome-volume-control (you forget other mixer programs that use gstreamer
(mixer-applet)) will skip OSS, gstreamer use alsa by default, Fedora
kernel does not provide OSS driver (since FC2), why do we still need the
OSS plugin of gstreamer ?
If it's because sometimes alsa plugin is broken then I can ask for OSS
drivers because sometimes alsa drivers does not work.

So, except when alsa plugin is broken, when do we need the OSS plugin ?
Is Fedora supporting OSS ? Does not seem because there is no OSS mixer
(except the current gnome-volume-control).

        Non-Objectives of Fedora Core:
        - Being a dumping ground for unmaintained or poorly designed

Backward compatibility is a good thing. This is already done with OSS
I perfectly understand that gstreamer support OSS plugin (Fedora is not
the only target of gstreamer).
I don't understand why Fedora support an unneeded OSS plugin that
encumber mixer using gstreamer.

Just curious.
Don't pay too attention about this, I don't use gnome-volume-control nor
mixer-applet :-)

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