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Re: Lock screen does not work for root in gnome

Jonathan Andrews wrote:

Its not a question of easy ! Its a question of arrogance .... your

argument is that because you know its a bad idea people should not be
able to do it. Ok - I could live with a warning .... even better if it
only happens the first time root logs in, but disabling root logins in X
is only going to cause problems, unless you can get every other distro
to follow suite .....

It is a bad idea and because many users that migrate over view root as just another user with more power and fewer nags it is a good idea to set system defaults that encourage them to operate the user correctly. Others will follow suit. Quite honesty it doenst matter what "you" can live with. The goals of defaults is to encompass the needs and preferences of the largest aspect of the user base. I can respect that you think the changes will make your life less convienant but it will in fact be a good change for most users, especially as more migrate over from microsoft based OSes.

novice user 1 - "how do I configure N", novice user 2 - "log in as root and run this GUI tool"
novice user 1 - "It wont let me"
novice user 2 - "My machine does ?"
etc etc etc etc

Blind leading the blind? I dont care how convienant the distro is this will cause trouble.

Personal insults are unwelcome and often sign of a weak argument. I believe Fedora's desktop (gnome) will have to simplify, unify, and baby proof itself to a great degree in the coming months and years if it is to be a success . In most cases this wont result in a loss of functionality but if the situation is grave enough it may be justified to do so. In this case it isnt a problem or an issue. I can understand that you may view this as a neutering but ask that you understand that is it is the best interest of the distribution in the long run.


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