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Re: Lock screen does not work for root in gnome

> Personal insults are unwelcome and often sign of a weak argument.
Not being from the USA I assumed "bite me" was only of slight offence.
Guess I was wrong, sorry to all offended !

>  I 
> believe Fedora's desktop (gnome) will have to simplify, unify, and baby 
> proof itself to a great degree in the coming months and years if it is 
> to be a success . In most cases this wont result in a loss of 
> functionality but if the situation is grave enough it may be justified 
> to do so. In this case it isnt a problem or an issue. I can understand 
> that you may view this as a neutering but ask that you understand that 
> is it is the best interest of the distribution in the long run.

Where does it end ... more wizards and hand holding, small animated
characters to help guide people through, while at the same time removing
anything sharp so users don't cut themselves? 

I can understand telling users running X as root is bad, but removing
the ability to do so seems a bit nanny. 


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