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Re: status of ghostscript

Tim Waugh wrote:

GPL Ghostscript http://sourceforge.net/projects/ghostscript/

This site is no longer current, by the way.  The GNU Ghostscript
project is the same thing at GPL Ghostscript.

wrong, 'GPL Ghostscript' is the package relased by artofcode, LLC. and Artifex Software, Inc. from an old tree of the commercial 'AFPL Ghostscript' under GPL license.

'GNU Ghostscript' is 'GPL Ghostscript' minus some "questionable" files.

Does ESP Ghostscript include the patches for Japanese support, out of
interest?  What are the differences between the ESP Ghostscript
package and our package based on GNU Ghostscript (which has lots of


AFPL Ghostscript: root package, it's free as beer not as speech.
GPL Ghostscript: old tree of AFPL, under GPL license.
GNU Ghostscript: like GPL minus some "questionable" files by FSF.
ESP Ghostscript: like GNU plus bug fixes + others add-ons, supported
                 by Easy Software Products.

today releases are, AFPL: 8.14 (22-Feb-2004) GPL: 8.15 (23-Sep-2004) GNU: 8.01 (14-Feb-2004) ESP: 7.07.1 (08-Oct-2003)

ESP brings:
- preliminary PCL 6 drivers for CUPS
- bugs fixed over GNU
- direct CMYK printing in the CUPS driver
- add nearly all known GhostScript drivers as listed on  "http://www.linuxprinting.org/";;,
  including IBM's OMNI, Martin Lottermoser's PCL3, and EPSON's laser printer
- makes several drivers more portable
- re-register any installed CID fonts at install time.
- latest printer drivers

they call it :

"ESP Ghostscript is a customized version of GNU Ghostscript that
includes an enhanced autoconf-based configuration script, the
CUPS raster driver to support CUPS raster printer drivers, and
additional patches and drivers from various Linux distributors"

-- Hello, this is Darl McBride, and I pronounce Linux as UNIX.

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