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Re: Should I mention kde-3.3.1?

> -There were no Core 2 packages for 3.0

All an issue of resources and timing. As somebody else wrote, 3.3.1 is
now available.

> -It's not possible to get mp3-support by installing an additional RPM
>  like it is for gnome, you have to recompile kdemultimedia.
> -Since KDE 3.3 it's more difficult to recompile kdemultimedia as the
>  SRPM includes patched sources, you have to go to ftp.kde.org and get
>  the original sources and place them in RPMBUILDIR/src manually

Something we cannot change from engineering. Too bad we cannot ship mp3.

> -kdemultimedia has random applications disabled without stating a reason
>  for this anywhere. Juk or Amarok, I don't recall exactly, in KDE 3.2
>  and 3.3.0, koncd in 3.3.1

This is normally only done if they don't work.

> -Automatic login with kdm doesn't work since 3.2 

Send in patches and I am sure Than Ngo will add them. Probably also a bug
in original kde sources or something broken in the RH packaged ones?

> -KDE 3.3.1 won't be in Core 3 but come as "one of the first updates",
>  meaning that I'll have to download about 200 mb some days after I
>  downloaded Core 3.

Right, that is a real pain. I would have personally moved kde in as this
is a real bug-fix release, but now it has to go out as an update release.

Thanks for your report and I hope you do enjoy KDE as packaged from us,

Florian La Roche

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