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Re: Should I mention kde-3.3.1?

On Wed, Oct 20, 2004 at 09:34:42AM +0200, Frank Schmitt wrote:
> >
> >> -There were no Core 2 packages for 3.0
> > http://kde-redhat.sf.net
> I know about this project but I don't like it since when adding it to
> yum.conf I not only get a new KDE but dozens of other packages are
> replaced, too. This means that I get dependencies problems when there
> are updates for those in the main Fedora repositories and I get problems
> when updating from one Fedora release to the next.

  The first point is no longer a problem, those dependencies have been
removed for 3.3.1.

  The second problem regarding problems updating from one Fedora release to
the other is unknown. But even if related is possible due to the remark
above it should not be a problem.

  Some of the packages that are there are packages that are also on
fedora.us with the same maintainer.

> Further on, I trust
> Fedora to build quality packages and timely fix security issues. I don't
> really know if I can put the same trust in the guys from kde-redhat.

  This is FUD in its best form. I assume that you don't trust fedora.us
either then, since Rex Dieter has some packages there. Also you Rex tried to
push all the packages to fedora.us (Extras some day).

  Regarding the response to problems Rex is one of the more responsive
packagers I have seen, if there is a problem he answers the same
day, testing and applying patches to fix any possible security problem. He
tracks the upstream channels and during the last two years using packages
from his repository I have never seen other behaviour that could be
described as less than professional.

  I would not advise anyone to download random packages from the net and
installing them without trusting the packagers. The problem, at least to me,
is that your sentence seems to imply more than that. And that is simply not

José Abílio

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