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Re: Should I mention kde-3.3.1?

José Abílio Oliveira Matos <jamatos fc up pt> writes:

>> Further on, I trust
>> Fedora to build quality packages and timely fix security issues. I don't
>> really know if I can put the same trust in the guys from kde-redhat.
>   This is FUD in its best form. I assume that you don't trust fedora.us
> either then, since Rex Dieter has some packages there. Also you Rex tried to
> push all the packages to fedora.us (Extras some day).
>   Regarding the response to problems Rex is one of the more responsive
> packagers I have seen, if there is a problem he answers the same
> day, testing and applying patches to fix any possible security problem. He
> tracks the upstream channels and during the last two years using packages
> from his repository I have never seen other behaviour that could be
> described as less than professional.
>   I would not advise anyone to download random packages from the net and
> installing them without trusting the packagers. The problem, at least to me,
> is that your sentence seems to imply more than that. And that is simply not
> true.

Sorry. I definitely didn't want to say that the packagers from kde-redhat
don't know what they are doing. All I wanted to say is, that I don't
know if the kde-redhat packages are of good quality, because I've used
them only for some days.

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