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Re: Should I mention kde-3.3.1?

Frank Schmitt wrote:
Jeff Pitman <symbiont berlios de> writes:

On Wednesday 20 October 2004 15:34, Frank Schmitt wrote:

I know about this project but I don't like it since when adding it to
yum.conf I not only get a new KDE but dozens of other packages are
replaced, too. This means that I get dependencies problems when there
are updates for those in the main Fedora repositories and I get
problems when updating from one Fedora release to the next. Further
on, I trust Fedora to build quality packages and timely fix security
issues. I don't really know if I can put the same trust in the guys
from kde-redhat.

Pure FUD.

No, experience. I installed the kde-redhat packages on my
playground-box, after some days there was an upgrade to gtk in the
Fedora updates repositories which horrible brake things.

FYI, packaging bug (unowned files) were to blame (rh bug #135723)

-- Rex

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