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Re: Devices and permissions

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> > Problem is: is "administrator" reading README or INSTALL files provided
> > by a rpm package?
> Add a warning :
> - /dev/ttyS? : Permission denied, more information in
> /usr/share/doc/<pkgname>-pkgversion>/README

In %description?

> > First, could you confirm that lines I want to put in the file are right?
> Seems OK.
> > I manually edit the file to try, logout, and try login but it fails.
> Check if you _really_ have the console.

Yes, I have.

> # cat /var/run/console/console.lock  (for FC3t3).

[root dionysos alain]# cat /var/run/console.lock
[root dionysos alain]# cat /var/run/console/alain

> I had some troubles with pam_console in fc3t2. Seems to work as expected
> now (fc3t3).
> The documentation :
> $ man pam_console
>        When a user logs in at the console  and  __no  other  user  is
> currently logged  in  at  the console__, pam_console.so will change
> permissions and ownership  of  files  as  described  in  the  file
> /etc/security/con- sole.perms.
> > I am unable to login as a normal user (bigs problems with X), only login
> > as root.
> ????

Sorry, I really unable to explain in english all problems I had.

I was graphically login (kde) as normal user.
I opened a filemanager as root to open the /etc/security/console.perms file.
I made the change and save file.
I logout.
I try to login as normal user but it fails, X didn't want to start and here is
the message I saw (sorry, in french) :
" Un serveur X est déjà lancé sur le visuel :0. Est-ce que je dois essayer un
autre visuel ? Si vous répondez non, j'essayerai de démarrer le szerveur
sur :0 une nouvelle fois. (Vous pouvez afficher différentes consoles en
utilisant Ctrl+Alt et une touche de fonction Fn, etc)"
One time I said yes, other time I said no, but I had the same result, unable
to start X.
If I try to login as root, I succeed.
Finally, I had to comment the permissions definitions I added and reboot.
I had also to delete /tmp/.X?-lock.

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