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Re: Paralell startup

On Thursday 21 October 2004 01:13, James Harrison wrote:
> > recache its fonts, or maybe ntpdate is syncing with the time
> > server.
> Sometimes daemons fail, so there has to be a mechanism to show a
> failure.

vi /var/log/messages
dmesg | less

> What happens if the daemon/service fails that other daemons depend
> on? Does the machine fail to boot properly or does it fail back to a
> serial boot?

Why would it fail back to serial?  It's already too late.  For example, 
if networking "fails", a lot things that depend on it will actually 
still run (well, if you've got localhost working and stuff.)

You create dependencies like "yeah, this one needs network" and stuff 
like that, and it will boot in order from there.  

You ever play with Lattice Graphs in school?  Lines can be traced to be 
run in parallel, and others will run serial.  Shoot, we could call all 
these daemons "packages" and run it through RPM's topological sort! :)

take care,

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