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Re: Paralell startup

> Migration path: How do you handle the scripts that haven't been updated? 

The old init scripts would have the old chkconfig line in them.

Currently, with ordered startup and shutdown, initscripts have something
similar to the following embedded within them:

# chkconfig: - 60 20

And the initscript's runlevel symlinks are along the lines of:

/etc/rc.d/rc3.d/S60nfs  (for startup)
/etc/rc.d/rc3.d/K20nfs  (for shutdown)

If a dependency handling framework were added to Fedora's rc scripts, I
imagine that would require a new sort of 'chkconfig' line for the newer
initscripts.  That newer embedded hint would contain the dependency
information for system tools (like chkconfig) and for the boot scripts
to build the order at runtime.

I also suppose runlevel symlinks for the newer initscripts could be
along the lines of:


> Lump them all at the end in traditional serial order?

Yeah...  /etc/rc.d/rc could go through S[[:alpha:]]*, parse out each
file's new chkconfig hints, build the order, and run the parallel
startup.  When that's done, if there are any S[[:digit:]]*, execute
those as according to trandition.  Same goes for shutdown (although I
suppose ordered services should be shutdown first, then paralleled
services shutdown after).

Sounds simple enough really.

Peace out,


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