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Re: Paralell startup

Havoc Pennington (hp redhat com) said: 
> You could imagine for example that rhgb is only a "view" that doesn't
> have any interaction with or entanglement with the actual boot process,
> it just watches events about boot progress and displays them. I don't
> know how close that is to true already,

Hahaha, that is so not true now.

> situation. For that matter, maybe rhgb could just become part of gdm, if
> we can get gdm launched early enough instead of at the end. Just
> speculating.

Ideally, what happens is:

- you get *full* X up as early as possible (as opposed to the limited
  X rhgb runs on now)
- you start gdm
- as a 'PreLoginAvailable' thing in gdm, you run rhgb, which just
  collects script events (via dbus, presumably) and puts up information

Main technical barriers:

- getting enough of an env for full X to run early
  - get filesystems mounted read-write quickly
  - make X deal gracefully with the lack of xfs at startup
    (or just shoot xfs :) )
- finding a good way for a gdm managed X to make its screen
  available for rhgb, firstboot, and other 'custom' pre-session


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