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Re: Messages to List - please don't reply to start

(Someone will need to moderate this on Test and User lists)

On Friday 22 October 2004 22:56, Michael A. Peters wrote:
>  I assume with kmail too

In kmail, after receiving your first message, I recommend:

1. Create a new sub-folder in Local Folders named after the list.
2. Right click on message and select Create Filter > Filter on 
Mailing-List ...
3. Select the new sub-folder inside of Filter Actions.
4. CTRL-J on message to test new filter rule.


1. Right click on new sub-folder, called "fedora-devel" or whatever, and 
select Properties.
2. Click on "Mailing List" tab.
3. Check "Folder Holds Mailing List".
4. Click "Detect Automatically".
5. Click OK.

Middle-click on the new sub-folder now opens a new message to the 
mailing list.

Hitting "L" in the message view pane will respond to that specific 
message replying only to the mailing list.  (My favorite, because it 
makes filtering cleaner.)


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