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Official list of major problems

It would be nice to have a list of major problems in the various
releases of FC, preferably on fedora.redhat.com.

Two problems that come to my mind are:
1. cdrecord doesn't work with kernel 2.6.8
2. OpenOffice doesn't display cups properties dialog

I had to search through bugzilla and newsgroups to find out why a
something didn't work and I would have been glad to have a central
location to look up problems.

For each problem, there should be an explanation, a fix if one is
available, when the problem will be fixed, or if there is already update
of the package concerned.
For example for:
1. there would be the advice to use kernel 2.6.7 instead
2. there would be the notice that the updated package version 1.1.2 is
already available.
Gérard Milmeister
Langackerstrasse 49
8057 Zürich
gemi bluewin ch

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