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Re: Paralell startup

On Fri, 2004-10-22 at 08:42 -0400, Daniel Veillard wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 21, 2004 at 08:10:15PM -0400, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> > You could imagine for example that rhgb is only a "view" that doesn't
> > have any interaction with or entanglement with the actual boot process,
> > it just watches events about boot progress and displays them. I don't
> > know how close that is to true already, but it might be a nice
>   Well communication goes both ways for example to be able to get user
> input in kudzu.

Right, but you could frame the communication as some kind of interface,
instead of just connecting kudzu to a tty. Then have real GUI.

> > situation. For that matter, maybe rhgb could just become part of gdm, if
> > we can get gdm launched early enough instead of at the end. Just
> > speculating.
>   I don't think we can completely merge both but, integrating part of gdm
> functionalities within rhgb, for example to allow login before the boot 
> finishes is one of the future improvement.
>   I plan to write down within a couple of weeks how I would like rhgb to
> improve and evolve. Parallel startup is only one of the aspects of getting
> a shorter and smoother "time to session from boot" which is IMHO the real
> design goal.

One of the goals. Reliability, good error messages, ability to have GUI
controls/questions early on are also worth thinking about perhaps.


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