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Re: Rebuilding Fedora


There is a mistake. I would like to completly rebuild the whole distribution rmps from the srpms iso's not just the kernel.

Kind regards

Roland Kaeser

Lawrence Bowie wrote:

rpm -ivh kernel-sourcecode (this is specifically is not a package but here are some of the latest ...


cd /usr/src/"name of current kernel source code you are going to re-compile"
make mrproper
make menuconfig
->processor type and features
->processor family (press enter to select the specific processor)
vi Makefile
-> (Append the line EXTRAVERSION at the top of the Makefile to say something like custom
so .. if EXTRAVERSION reads "EXTRAVERSION = -1.494.2.2" then change it to
"EXTRAVERSION = -1.494.2.2customize_to_whatever". Just make it different.)
make install modules_install

That should be all ...


Roland Kaeser wrote:


I would like to build the fedora 2 release for the actual P4 CPU instead of the i386 packages shipped with the normal iso images.
Is there a howto to automaticly build a new fedora release out of the srpm isos'


Roland Kaeser
Systems Administrator

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