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Introduction: Calvin "Kyndig" Ellis From MudMagic

Hello Developer,

  I am primarily a webmaster. I have experience in a number of languages, and prefer RedHat (Fedora) as my primary Operating System. I am sending this as a requirement for a software entry into the Fedora release. Recently I have released a stable, OpenSource Mud client for online text games. The client is designed to work on windows and Linux. I currently have releases for RedHat, Fedora, and Windows (NT/XP/2000/98). I have a Debian release in the works that should be available within days.

As per the Fedora Wiki Self Introduction:
# Full legal name
  Calvin Ellis

# Country, City
  Hinesville, Georgia ( USA)

# Profession or Student status
  U.S. Army

# Company or School
  University of Maryland student

Your goals in the Fedora Project

    * Which packages do you want to see published?
The OpenSource MudMagic Client for online text games. 

    * Do you want to do QA?
I am open to suggestions.

    * Anything else special?
Details of the client can be viewed at sourceforge, freshmeat, or mudmagic

Historical qualifications

    * What other projects have you worked on in the past?
I have only worked on my own personal website. Though I have released a popular Java mud client for websites, and develop my own small text gameserver in my spare time.

    * What computer languages and other skills do you know?
A firm handle on: HTML/PHP/MySQL/C , studying - C++/Perl/Python, experience in RedHat Network administration, shell script creation for host services, etc..

    * Why should we trust you? <--- too blunt?
If you perform a whois of mudmagic.com, you have my home phone number (can you get any more trustworthy than that?)


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