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Re: fc3t3: selinux: useradd

Il sab, 2004-10-23 alle 06:11, Russell Coker ha scritto:

> What error do you get when running useradd from the command line?  I'll check 
> out the first-boot panel later.

This morning I have install fc3t3 on a VIA VT82xxxxx .... and the
problems has not happened.

All works perfectly, the first-boot have correct created the user and
the useradd command work proper...

This evening,  on the server where I have get the error, I will watch
the anaconda-ks.cfg file if I have done some strange setup.

The error that I get was permission deny on file /etc/passwd, then
permission deny on /etc/group file, and then on the /etc/shadow file.

I have check to move the files ...

mv /etc/passwd /etc/passwd.orig
mv /etc/group /etc/group.orig
mv /etc/shadow /etc/shadow.orig
cp -a /etc/passwd.orig /etc/passwd
cp -a /etc/group.orig /etc/group
cp -a /etc/shadow.orig /etc/shadow

and useradd have add the user ....

After this check I have put the 3 files at the original state
(rm /etc/passwd; mv /etc/passwd.orig /etc/passwd; ecc...), then
modify the /etc/grub.conf and disable selinux (selinux=off) and reboot.

After reboot useradd work proper ....

If I can useful to you ... I am here, if I tomorrow have more
information I send you.

Many thanks to all.

Dario Lesca <d lesca solinos it>

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