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Self Introduction: Gianluca Sforna

Full legal name:    Gianluca Sforna
Country, City:    Italy, Perugia
Profession:    System administration and projects management
Company:    Molecular Discovery Ltd.

Goals in the Fedora Project
I would like to see some more chemistry/molecular modeling packages
included. In particular, I would like to package and submit the
OpenMOIV (aka Molecular Inventor 2 aka ChemKit) library.
I am also interested in seeing a broader wi-fi support in the distro.
For example, I am currently using a USR 5410 wifi PC card with my
laptop, so I could try helping the acx100/111 project providing the
most up2date kernel module packages: this would be a nice addition to
both Fedora (more hardware supported) and the acx100 team (more
Of course, as time and skills permit, I would also like to do some QA
on submitted packages.
I am also really interested in the stateless project, so I am planning
to give it a try in the near future (I have quite a few WS, laptops
and servers running Fedora so updates/upgrades are becoming a full
time work...).

Historical qualifications
This is the first time I am really involved in a community project. In
the past I only did testing and bug reporting on software components
we were using.
I can read (and often understand ;) ) code written in most scripting
languages like Perl, php, Python; lately I am trying  to broaden my
skills by studying C/C++, but by no means I consider myself a
I can also use DocBook for writing documentation, as I am using it to
maintain the manuals for my company's products.
In the end, I hope to be helpful to the whole community as much as I can.

GPG KEYID and fingerprint
pub  1024D/707DCD93 2004-10-25 Gianluca Sforna <giallu gmail com>
     Key fingerprint = A4A4 92D2 462E D584 88F5  61F6 0CB3 24A5 707D CD93
sub  1024g/0465DED6 2004-10-25 [expires: 2007-10-25]

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