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Self-Introduction: Nigel Wetters Gourlay

Nigel Wetters Gourlay
Witley, Surrey, UK
Professional programmer, currently taking a career break to raise a child.

Looking to package my Perl modules from CPAN. Most particularly, I
would like to see perl-ip-country in fedora core, so that SpamAssassin
3 can use country data of relays for filtering.

Most of my programming work has been commercial, non-free software. I
worked on the UK's worst-managed digital terrestrial TV provider (ITV
Digital), until they went bankrupt. Before that, I built
content-management systems for some of London's shortest-lived
dot-coms. My most popular free software is the javainetlocator project
on sourceforge. I have a lots of code on sourceforge and CPAN that is
'proof of concept' - i.e. looks interesting, but doesn't work well
enough to be useful to many people - Apache::Emulator and the type 2
jdbc driver for MySQL fall into this category. I also have some code
that works well, but is so obscure that it's unlikely to be used by
many people (e.g. Class::Decorator, Geo::Approx, and GSLWrap). And I
have a few projects on sourceforge that have a great name but little

I don't have a lot of spare time at the moment, but I wouldn't mind
helping out on other projects that look interesting. I'm fluent in C
and C++, but my strengths are in Perl and Java. Many otherwise sane
people are using my IP geolocation code in production, which might be
a reason to trust me.


pub  1024D/18BDD00E 2004-10-25 Nigel Wetters Gourlay (CPAN ID:
NWETTERS) <nwetters cpan org>
     Key fingerprint = 43D3 E205 B568 4F13 2DE4  243C DB33 7BA7 18BD D00E
sub  1024g/1C9949A4 2004-10-25 [expires: 2006-10-25]

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