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Re: QA at Fedora asleep? Many i386 packages in x86_64 FC2 updates

On Mon, 2004-10-25 at 15:20, Dan Williams wrote:
> Bob,
> Part of the reason is that programs like openoffice.org aren't yet 64-
> bit.  OOo is still 32-bit (doesn't compile yet for 64-bit architectures
> because its not 64-bit clean) but we're working on that.  But, to have a
> 32-bit OOo run on x86_64, we need to drag along a bunch of stuff, like
> cups, gtk2, glib, pango, etc.  That's why most of the packages are
> there, because programs taht don't yet have 64-bit equivalents still
> need to link against the 32-bit versions, even if you run them on
> x86_64.

My apologies for having missed that - blame a couple of days with little
sleep. Here's a better attempt at analysis of the problem:

When running up2date, the latest openoffice packages (1.1.2-10.fc2)
refuse to install due to a version conflict with package redhat-artwork.

The conflicting packages are both 0.96-1, which proably means that it's
a conflict between the already installed x86_64 rpm, and the i386
version on which the new openoffice packages depend.

Thanks for the feedback,

Bob Deblier

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