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Re: Packaging question time

On Tue, 26 Oct 2004 12:22:20 +0200, Gianluca Sforna wrote:

> I have three options.
> 1. lobbying for inclusion of cmake
> 2. use qmake then make in the %build section
> 3. Include a pre-generated Makefile
> now 1 does not seems to be a short term solution (besides, did anyone
> ever propose cmake as a new package??)
> 2 seems to me the most obvious option but this raises another
> question: what should I put in BuildRequires?? qmake, qt-devel or
> what?

qt-devel (or /usr/bin/qmake, which would only break if qmake were
moved to a different bin directory).

> 3 would make sense but I guess it will be detrimental to the package
> configurability (my chosen options will be hardcoded in the Makefile).
> Moreover, how would I deal with the additional file in the .spec??

You would either insert your prebuilt Makefile as a %patch or include
it as a %{SOURCEx} file. The ugly thing about a prebuilt Makefile most
likely will be that it contains hardcoded paths (to programs,
libraries and headers), which would increase the maintenance

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