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What does anaconda know?


I was wondering about the knowledge anaconda has about the machine
it is currently installing on.

Surely it knows the general architecture (i386/ppc/sparc). It also
knows the specific subarch (586/686). It knows about RAM and hard disks.

Does it known if the machine is a laptop or not? Maybe even a specific

The reason I am asking is that during the first boot on my iBook I noticed
that a number of services was started that were completely useless on this
machine, because the hardware these services care for is nonexistant (and,
this being a notebook, can not be added, either).

The services I remember of the top of my head were pcmcia, apm and a bunch
of stuff provided by the iprtools package (some SCSI mumbo jumbo, it seems).

Would it be possible to teach anaconda the knowledge to disable services on
machines that have no chance of needing them, ever?

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