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Re: What does anaconda know?

On Tue, 2004-10-26 at 16:56 +0200, Ralf Ertzinger wrote:

> Surely it knows the general architecture (i386/ppc/sparc). It also
> knows the specific subarch (586/686). It knows about RAM and hard disks.
> Does it known if the machine is a laptop or not? Maybe even a specific
> model?

We don't currently distinguish too much, we identify arch and on ppc
machine type (CHRP, PReP, etc).  Certainly we don't really have seperate
classes for laptops/desktops, and certainly not for service/package
filtering on varying hardware setups.

> The reason I am asking is that during the first boot on my iBook I noticed
> that a number of services was started that were completely useless on this
> machine, because the hardware these services care for is nonexistant (and,
> this being a notebook, can not be added, either).

TiBook's have pcmcia so do G3 Lombards IIRC.  You can also get USB to
pcmcia converters.

> Would it be possible to teach anaconda the knowledge to disable services on
> machines that have no chance of needing them, ever?

The correct place for this request would be in bugzilla as an RFE.


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