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Re: rawhide report: 20041026 changes

Carwyn Edwards wrote:
Jeremy Katz wrote:

rawhide is still pointed at the FC3 trunk... although that will probably
change very soon

Is that likely to be before or after FC3 final release?

The testing tree isn't as extensively mirrored as rawhide so I (and probably others) am tracking rawhide until FC3 final is out. A little note to tell people when rawhide breaks ranks would be very useful :-)

I guess another way around this would be to fold the testing tree into download.fedora.redhat.com so it's mirrored along with the rest.

Under /pub/fedora/linux/core/test/notquiteasrawahide perhaps?


I've been using rawhide to keep my FC3 test uptodate as well, is there actually a seperate test tree, where? And will this stay as "stable" as the current testing tree, it will it destabalise when FC4 starts development.

IOW, I don't mind a little bleeding edge, FC3 test has been great, but I don't want the old rawhide days back, what tree should I point uptodate and yum at once FC3 is released?



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