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Re: What does anaconda know?

On Tue, 26 Oct 2004 19:23:16 +0200, Kyrre Ness Sjobak
<kyrre solution-forge net> wrote:
> But shure (at least, generally speaking), it would not be to hard to get
> anaconda to *ask* whether the machine was a laptop or not?

to what benefit? its not like there is a "standard" laptop out there
with "standard" hardware and "standard" features. If your going to ask
questions, the need to be meaningful questions, and meaningful
questions are very very hardware specific. And I see no reason to
pollute the installer with layers and layers of interactivity just to
prevent certain services from starting up on firstboot.

Asking if it is or is not a laptop seems rather meaninglist to me.
Hell they have make pccard to scsi adaptors so you can't for sure even
assume someone's jacked up/hacked up dell laptop wont be trying to
access a scsi device.


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