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Re: Regina and THE

> THE is a text editor similar to xedit which runs on s390/s390x z/VM.  If
> you think vi's or emacs UI is cryptic, try out THE and you'll be happy
> with vi (or emacs) again. We ship it as a convinience for the z/VM
> administrators who are used to xedit, but you really don't want it if
> you're not one of them.  I'm not sure about Regina, is anyone really
> interested in Rexx anymore ?  It is a requirement for THE and quite
> common on mainframes, but thats it.  In the Linux world Perl and Python
> are way more common, there's no need to learn another interpreter
> language.

I was once an XEDIT user (and a vi user), and liked it quite a lot (even
when it was EXEC2, and the fun really started when Rexx came in).  
But that is not the reason that I don't buy this argument.

ExclusiveArch/ExcludeArch should be reserved exclusively for the cases
where a package will not build or the built package will not work.  It's a
"can't" marker, not "don't care to" marker.  If most users have no interest
in installing some packages, then don't have them installed by default.  If
the user interest differs by platform, then make the default package sets
differ by platform.


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