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Re: NFS install and i815 graphics

On Tue, 26 Oct 2004 00:59, Russell Coker <russell coker com au> wrote:
> I have a machine with an i815 graphics device on the motherboard.  When I
> do a regular CD install the GUI works fine.  When I boot with "linux
> askmethod" with FC3T3 and select NFS install then at the time it goes to
> graphics mode the machine locks up.

It turns out that I was incorrect in this.

The problem is intermittent, I can't determine what triggers it.  It occurs 
most of the time on my machines that have Intel 815 graphics, both an IBM 
P3-800 desktop and a HP P3-800 desktop.

When it occurs the X server starts, the X cross cursor is briefly displayed 
along with the mouse cursor that is normally used by Anaconda (two cursors, 
but only the X cross cursor moves) and the Fedora welcome screen is displayed 
with lots of what looks like static covering it (seems that it's the graphics 
content from the boot loader which was still in the video memory).  After 
about 1 second of that the screen goes to all vertical stripes of different 
colors and the system locks up solidly enough that the caps-lock key does not 
change the state of the caps-lock LED.

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