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Re: sound server

On Thu, 2004-10-28 at 14:11 -0400, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Hi,
> Do we have any comments on the sound server topic from a broader
> perspective than only GNOME?
> A competing proposal I've heard is to just use ALSA directly.
> I believe this is orthogonal to something like Helix/GStreamer which
> would both output to the sound server, but the maintainers of those
> media frameworks probably care about the discussion.
> A nice Fedora goal at some point would be to get all packages using the
> same sound setup.
> Havoc

I was going to reply to this thread. It seems Jeff really likes
Polyaudio so I am going to go ahead and make some packages.  It looks
like I might have to split out a libesound package for now.  The biggest
problem from what Jeff said would be converting all our packages to use
Polyaudio's API.  

> email message attachment, "Forwarded message - Proposal: replacing
> esound with polypaudio in 2.10"
> On Thu, 2004-10-28 at 14:11 -0400, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> > Hi!
> > 
> > I would like to propose Polypaudio as a replacement for ESOUND in
> > Gnome 2.10. Polypaudio is a sound server I have been developing for
> > the last months. It aims to be a drop-in replacement for esound fixing
> > all those problems esound has. For more information on polypaudio,
> > see:
> > 
> > http://0pointer.de/lennart/projects/polypaudio/
> > 
> > The two most important requirements for an ESOUND replacement are met
> > with polypaudio: (at least I think that these are the most important
> > issues)
> > 
> > - Polypaudio provides an ESOUND compatibility module. When this is
> >   enabled polypaudio emulates an esound server, including autospawning
> >   and thinks like that. The protocol emulation polypaudio implements
> >   is not complete: some of the more esoteric commands are implemented
> >   as NOOPs. However, all commands currently used by Gnome 2.8
> >   are available. Keep in mind that polypaudio emulates the protocol, not
> >   the library API: i.e. there's no need to patch, recompile or relink
> >   any ESOUND based applications for usage with polypaudio. 
> > 
> > - There's now a polypaudio sink for gstreamer. It's curentely not as
> >   featureful as the oss sink, but it is good enough for rhythmbox.
> > 
> > What other requirements have to be met for inclusion of polypaudio in
> > Gnome? I am strongly interested in getting polypaudio in shape for
> > Gnome 2.10 in time: so please, don't hesitate to criticize polypaudio
> > and especially its client API:
> > 
> > http://0pointer.de/lennart/projects/polypaudio/doxygen/
> > 
> > Portability: I develop Polypaudio mostly on Linux. There's some
> > compatibility with OSX, but it is not merged yet. No, it hasn't been
> > ported to Solaris or xBSD yet. However the package makes use of
> > autoconf, so I expect the port is easy to do. Polypaudio has been
> > packaged for Ubuntu by Jeff Waugh, a package for Debian is on its way,
> > as it seems.
> > 
> > Lennart
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