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Re: sound server

> > Do we have any comments on the sound server topic from a broader
> > perspective than only GNOME?
> Is there any perspective on using arts
supposedly arts is capable of a number of audio backends, even ESD. I know 
that it works with NAS, which has a /dev/dsp redirection library available 
already. so for terminals, NAS isn't a bad proposition. the one gotcha is 
that if you are using NAS, you need to turn the buffer just about off in the 
KDE control panel, or you'll get some awful skipping.

> > A competing proposal I've heard is to just use ALSA directly.
> For network stuff having had a further thing I'd implement esd "second
> edition" by taking ESD and replacing all its audio side code with
> SDL_mixer, which was written by someone who has a grasp of audio
> processing, is portable and can mix multiple channels with fades, some
> effect and positioning control.
Oooo, I would agree with that, especially if existing esd software doesn't 
require much changes. Would MAS (http://www.mediaapplicationserver.net/)  be 
a realistic possibility?

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