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For your weekend enjoyment, please try:

http://testing.fedora.redhat.com/tree/ (still syncing, should be ready by 8pm EDT Oct 29.)

This is likely to be the last FC3 release candidate, so please give it all
the loving attention you possibly can. It does have fixes for some of the
more serious issues reported here - your efforts are having results. When
testing FC3rc5, things that could use extra-special attention are upgrades
and the kernel. Please make sure to file any showstopper bugs (data loss
or corruption, major install/upgrade failures)  in bugzilla and bring the
bug #'s to our attention.

In respond to all the queries about "why are the .iso timestamps
changing", it's because I'm putting the latest RC in the same location as
the older ones, so the files do change.

Thanks y'all!
-- Elliot

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