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Re: Status of IT8212 RADI/IDE and pwc drivers (Alan!)

fre 2004-10-29 klockan 11:12 -0400 skrev Alan Cox:
> On Fri, Oct 29, 2004 at 01:34:34PM +0200, Peter Backlund wrote:
> > I'd like to know what the status of the IT8212 RAID/IDE Controller
> > driver is with regard to the FC3 kernel. Is it possible to pick the
> > driver from the -ac patchset and build against the FC3 kernel, or do the
> > API differ too much? If it's not possible to build, could the driver be
> > modified to use the old IDE API?
> The -ac driver should be happy and working again in the -ac I push today

Confirmed on 2.6.9-1.643 with the -ac5 version (0.03se). I guess this
won't get into an FC kernel anytime soon, so maybe an Extras package
would be a good idea? 

I did however get an oops with the -ac4 version, but I'm not sure you
would be interested in seeing that since -ac5 works fine. Anyway, I'm
putting it on the web just in case:


Makefile used is just 

obj-m := it8212.o


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