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Re: mail gui

Am Sa, den 30.10.2004 schrieb John Mizell um 19:14:

> I disagree. I believe the fedora project needs to come to a consensus
> about which MTA or which imap/pop program is the preferred application.
> Just because you know an application does not mean it is the best one
> for the job. If I make that choice then I risk that the programming will

I must say that I do not understand that argument. From my understanding
what you say is in contrast giving the reason why there is hardly the
one and always fitting MTA. If you know that you have the choice between
alternates then just decide yourself, based on the project conditions.

> go unused because other mail programs are preferred. I already know how
> to configure several MTAs and imap/pop servers. I am looking to keep the
> community effort in place not to push one's agenda.

What is the problem with the current alternates Fedora Core ships and
the MTA switching mechanism?

> John Mizell


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