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Re: FC3 rpm behavior change

On 30 Oct 2004 16:25:57 -0300, Alexandre Oliva wrote:

> > And honestly, changing RPM's behaviour in such a way after Test3 is a
> > very questionable decision.
> Personally, I don't like the change either.  That said, I don't think
> the change was made after the freeze.  I think it was only documented
> after the freeze, 

Seems so.  rpm-4.3.2-2 from Test 2 overwrites files happily already,
resulting in duplicate installs when "-ivh" is used.

# rpm -i test-1.0-2.i386.rpm 
# rpm -i test-1.0-3.i386.rpm 
# rpm -q test
# rpm -V test
S.5....T    /bin/bash32
S.5....T    /bin/ls32

> just because that's the time when people get
> together to figure out what should have been in the test release notes
> all along but wasn't.  If anything, kudos for documenting such a big
> and controversial change so openly.  I hope it's eventually reverted,
> but, meanwhile, people at least know what to add to their rpmrc files
> to get the old behavior back.

Now what does this comment from Sep 5th mean? Who knows?

* Sun Sep 05 2004 Jeff Johnson <jbj redhat com> 4.3.2-2

- restore file conflict detection traditional behavior.

* Tue Jul 06 2004 Jeff Johnson <jbj jbj org> 4.3.2-0.5

- add --fileconflicts to recover rpm traditional behavior.

Fedora Core release 2.92 (FC3 Test 3) - Linux 2.6.9-1.640
loadavg: 0.83 0.54 0.28

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