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Re: Mail gui config

On Sat, 2004-10-30 at 04:52, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> Le samedi 30 octobre 2004 à 13:59 +0300, Mircea MITU a écrit :
> > To exclude Sendmail, it would be stupid, but making Postfix the default
> > MTA it would be a smart move.
> Unfortunately at this point if would not only be a smart move but a long
> overdue one. I hope it's not one of those cases where Novell/Suse did it
> first so RH won't even contemplate it.

Gee, having fun with the conspiracy theories? ;) If this was the case,
why would Red Hat package Postfix at all? Likely it's just that there
isn't really any consensus on this, and the default Fedora install is
locked down by only letting Sendmail listen on local ports anyways so
for most users (who really only need an MTA for local mail delivery) it
really isn't a big deal; you're pretty much limited to local compromises
in any case.

In principle I personally do agree that switching to Postfix by default
seems like a good idea though, especially given that it's already in the
distro and the people who actually care about what MTA they use seem to
prefer Postfix. Likely they already use it; I do, partially because I
trust the security a bit more, but mainly because I could wrap my brain
around how to get it configured sanely, unlike Sendmail which I just
couldn't be bothered to figure out.


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