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Re: Mail gui config

On Sun, 31 Oct 2004, Mircea MITU wrote:

> You're right, those are silly reasons. But I, for one, I see two major
> reasons to make this switch, from sendmail to postfix as the MTA of
> choice:
> 1. SANS Top Vulnerabilities, U5. Mail Transport Service
> http://www.sans.org/top20/#u5
> 2. The very first thing done by the almost all the people I know after a
> RH/Fedora install, is rpm -e sendmail
> I really wonder how many subscribers are still using Sendmail.

It does not matter how many subscribers on this list are still using Sendmail.
I too am one of the people who does -sendmail +postfix in my kickstart configs
but remember Red Hat has to support RHEL and I will be the majority of RHEL
customers migrating from things like slowaris expect sendmail. A lot of these
people are old farts that have been around for a hundred years and do not
like to change things they are comfortable with. Like it or not we are most
likely stuck with sendmail forever.


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