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Re: mail gui

On 10/30/2004 02:17:54 PM, Kenneth Porter wrote:
--On Saturday, October 30, 2004 7:20 PM +0000 "Michael A. Peters" <mpeters mac com> wrote:

postfix should be the default mta in a chroot jail.
It satisfies the needs of the vast majority of users - and I think has a
cleaner codebase and is easier to config then sendmail.

In the default case, what's to config?

Even in the default case postfix is better. You can run it more securely in a chroot jail than you can sendmail, and it's security record isn't nearly as blemished as sendmail.

And for cases where you do need to change default configuration, for the vast majority of them postfix is both easier to configure and more secure.

But Fedora won't change to postfix because of management people of the kind you see in Dilbert who insist upon sendmail in RHEL and if they aren't going to switch to postfix in RHEL then they won't switch to postfix in Fedora.

The Fedora merger I had hoped would shoot for desktop market - but instead it shoots for a testing platform for RHEL. This is probably also why they royally screwed up the benefits of rpm by now WITHOUT WARNING allowing files from one rpm to replace files of another.

I hate this kind of smurf. It is the wrong thing to do.
Oh well.


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