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"Stateless Linux" project

I'm absolutely delighted by this - I'd long since given up hope of a
mainstream vendor looking at a cached client approach rather than trying
to insist on either thick or thin.

The issue of backing up user home directories from mobile devices in
mentioned in the PDF, but I'd be very interested in hearing about
approaches for dealing with syncing shared data stores.

With a home directory or private data store basic sync works if it can
be made transparent to the user, and/or integrated into the GUI
(Off-line Files on MS Windows, Mac iDisk).

Writable shared data stores presumably require some form of
reconciliation or version control for multiple off-line copies to be
handled smoothly.  I suppose that one solution might be to wrap access
to a version control system into the standard GUI so that the
functionality becomes accessible to office workers; another might be to
use a database-backed system like Storage, which could replicate.

How are people dealing with this issue on their networks now ?  What do
we think would be the "Just Works" solution in the context of Stateless
Linux ?

(I've seen the problem, but I don't know the answer...)

Stuart Ellis
s ellis fastmail co uk

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