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Re: "Stateless Linux" project

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
On Wed, 15 Sep 2004 14:14:08 -0500, Eli Carter <eli carter inet com> wrote:

Use rdiff-backup (mentioned in other comments).
Set up some simple policy on how long to keep which backups.
Provide a simple 'restore lost file from backup' GUI (and commandline)

The "simple" policy I would advocate would be to keep incremental
backups on this schedule:
One per day for the last week.
One per week for the last month[1]
One per month for the last N months, where N <= 14 [2], and have N
automatically fluctuate as disk space on the server is consumed and
freed.  (May warn the user when it is about to be decreased.)
[1] Define "month" to mean "4 weeks" for simplicity.
[2] For a year, N = 52/4 = 13, and add one so you can get last April's
tax return you inadvertantly deleted.

rdiff-backup doesn't allow for that finegrained of a policy currently.
removing of old incrementals is only exposed with a "remove later than
this point" option.
You'd have to hook into current rdiff-backup development discussions
about the likelyhood
of that feature being expanded to allow for culling of increments in
dateranges while leaving some. For example i run rdiff-backup nightly,
and then tell it to remove increments older than 1 month old. There is
no way for me to tell it things like "remove everything older than 1
month except for 1 increment as close to the start of each month as
-jef"rdiff-backup --make-me-a-sandwich"spaleta

Ah, I thought it would support that. Oh well. So a simple policy of "keep a month's worth of incrementals" would be a good start.
In my usage of rdiff-backup, I'm still at the "try to make rdiff-backup a habit" stage. :/

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