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RFC: ipw2100 and ip2200 packages (known as centrino-WLAN)

Hi *,

I currently have two kernel-module-packages locally which contain the
drivers for the ipw2[12]00 WLAN-Cards used in Centrino Notebooks.

I'm currently a bit undecided were to submit them and in with form.  My
problem is the firmware that is needed by the driver in order to work.
It has a special redistribution license. For details see:

This is not acceptable for fedora.us (or fedora core) AFAICS (or am I
wrong here?). It is AFAICS for livna.org (not sure). So I have the
following options:

1. Submit the ipw2[12]00 packages and the needed firmwares both to

2a. Submit the drivers to fedora.us and the firmware to livna.org. But
the driver can't require the firmwares in this case. Problematic.

2b. Submit the drivers to fedora.us and ignore the firmware. So the user
needs to get the firmwares on it's own.

I currently tend to 1., but I'd like to here comments from others (you!)
on it. Thanks.


P.S.: Yes, I know there is already a (currently outdated) ipw2100
package at:

P.P.S.: Yes, atrpms also has a package AFAIK

Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info>

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