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Regarding Extras package announcements

The old fedora-package-announce fedora us list has been broken in the past month due to some unknown issue caused by the Legacy 7.3 mailman update. I have spent many hours trying to debug it, but have been unable to fix it. I've been wanting to retire that old mailman server for a while now, but this forces the issue.

fedora-extras-announce-list redhat com will soon open, and will be used by fedora.us Extras for the short-term. When Extras relaunches at fedora.redhat.com, the list will be used for those announcements.

This is no longer far away, as we have servers online NOW, gafton and I are working on CVS structure, and finalizing the Apache-like contributor legal form. You will hear more about our progress within the next weeks here.

Unfortunately hundreds of mail sent to the old Extras announce list went into /dev/null due to the legacy mailman problem. Sorry about that. =(

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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