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Re: What to do about libc-client (imap)?

On Mon, 2004-09-20 at 09:18 -0400, Paul Iadonisi wrote:
>  what, pray tell, is wrong with IMAP?  

Mostly the caching semantics, I'd imagine. Some people really hate the
fact that you can't edit stuff stored on IMAP without changing the UID,
and you can't change the UID without also changing the position in the

More people hate the fact that you have to re-fetch _all_ flags when you
re-SELECT a folder, but the CONDSTORE stuff ought to fix that and make
disconnected operation a little saner.

I suspect more people hate IMAP due to idiocy in IMAP clients and
servers rather than problems with IMAP itself. My main problem, for
example, is the way that Evolution will insist on issuing STATUS on all
of my hundreds of folders, even the archive folders which are marked
inactive, sometimes with a RTT of about three seconds per folder, before
it'll actually bother to fetch the mail I just clicked on. But that's
not strictly an IMAP problem. Neither is the fact that Evolution will
spend ages fetching multi-megabyte attachments over my ISDN line, just
in order to run 'file' on them to see what they are, before displaying
the text/plain part at the beginning which would have told me I didn't
want to bother downloading it :)

Sometimes I start up pine just to read my email while Evolution is doing
its thing ;)


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