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Re: FC3 and printing from Mozilla

I know about that little dirty trick, but it seems like a problem to me
when the standard browsing app can't handle more that one printer. Even
gedit does that!

Is it possible to make epiphany, firefox and mozilla to skip the first
dialog, and go straigth to kprinter? Or would that imply a dependency on

There must be some way to solve this...


lør, 25.09.2004 kl. 16.56 skrev Marcin Garski:
> On Saturday 25 September 2004 15:01, Kyrre Ness Sjobak wrote:
> > Will there be a real print dialog (one which do allow you to select
> > printers) in FC3? - it is no such thing (as far as i can see - i
> > havent ran yum update due to that i am on an ISDN dialup, and the
> > volume is... enormous) in test 2, but ive heard some rumours of it in
> > desktop-list.
> >
> > Not having support for multiple printers (unless you know the syntax
> > of lpr) is really a huge handicap for end-user-friendlyness IMO
> You can change "Print command" in "Print Properties" from:
> to:
> kprinter
> Then if you click print a KPrinter dialog appear when you could have/set 
> multiple printers, etc.
> I know it's some kind of workaround, but the best I know.
> You could also do the same in Adobe Reader.

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