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Re: gnome-vfs not in Rawhide?

On Apr 5, 2005 4:34 PM, Gregory Maxwell <gmaxwell gmail com> wrote:
> But we really can't expect everyone who can come around to complain
> about the quality of a package to go fix it, but thats what I see
> happening when people have complained that a package was moved from
> core to extras where they feel it will get less love.

First of all.. how much love a package gets is very dependant on the
personal investment of the maintainer who oversees the package
(ir)regardless of which tree it actually sits in. A Red Hat employee
who assigned to keep a package maintained but isn't personally
invested in the package or its development upstream could very well
give that package far less love than an interested community member
who is personally committed relationship with that package as a user
or as an upstream developer.  It very much depends. The fact that that
people instantly associate better packaging with Core speaks volumes
about Red Hat's strength as a brandname..even if the brandname isn't
being directly used.

Do you know how many packages the owner of gnucash actually owns in
Core? Do you know what other crap this person has to do beyond just
keeping up with those packages as a Red Hat employee?  You can't
evaluate 'love' for a specific package until you have a good
understanding of where in the infinite list of priorities the specific
maintainer ranks that package.  If anything putting crap into Extras
gives a package access to more love not less. Upstream developers who
live outside the RedHat fence line can be primary or co-maintainer of
packages in Extras.. they can't necessarily do that easily inside Core

Contrary to public opinion... an overworked Red Hat employee isn't
necessarily the best maintainer compared to an enthusiastic volunteer.
 The real issue is figuring out a way to mentor those volunteers in
the art of packaging and maintainence.... sucking out the juicy marrow
of packaging experience from the sulken husks of the Red Hat fossils
and transplanting it into young minds of the fresh beasts of burden.

Second of all... there is no second point. 

-jef"the (ir) was added to make sure new england natives could
understand the sentence"spaleta

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